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Who Am I?

I’m Fabrizio Zago, I’m italian and since 2012 I live in Germany, where I’ve founded my company (Fabrizio Zago – Photography & Media). I’ve worked in Italy for almost 15 years for several firms in the field of the medias, both printed and audio-visual, and I’ve covered different roles: layout editor, teacher, videomaker (shooting and editing), book author for didactic purposes and, of course, photographer.

As a photographer I work with the latest digital cameras but I also do commissioned works that involve small and medium format films, color and black and white.

  • 2018: Photograph printed in the Danish book “Fossiler I Nordvesteuropa” published from “Gyldendal”.
  • 2016: Two Bronze awards at the EPSON International photographic Pano Awards.
  • 2016: Published on the german magazine for black and white photography “Schwarzweiss – Das Magazin für Fotografie” (Tecklenborg Verlag).
  • 2014: Finalist in the international “OASIS photocontest 2013″ (over 25.000 images submitted).
  • 2013: Five Bronze awards to my panoramic photographs in the EPSON International photographic Pano Awards.
  • 2013: Finalist in the international “OASIS photocontest 2012″ (over 24.000 images submitted).
  • 2012: Published on the Hasselblad Bulletin with a panoramic XPan picture.
  • 2012: Bronze award for a photograph at the EPSON International photographic Pano Awards.
  • 2012: Finalist in the international “OASIS photocontest 2011″ (over 20.000 images submitted).
  • 2011: Pictures printed in the book “Discovering Torino – United Italy’s first capital” published by Touring Editore.
  • 2010: Co-writer of the italian book “PHOTOSHOP: Finalmente lo imparo!” published by CLUT.
  • 2009: Author of the photobook “Lo sguardo sulla città – Luci ed emozioni di Torino”, printed in a limited edition for a company based in Turin as a Christmas gift for its best customers.
  • 2007: Official photographer for the serie of concerts during the Nichelino Soundfest (Turin, Italy) with pictures published on the national newspaper “La Stampa”.
  • 2006: Collective exhibition “Olympic mountains” that took place after the XX Olympic Winter Games of Turin.
  • 2006: Winner of a photo contest in the section Architecture.
  • 2005: Photographs of Los Angeles and Las Vegas published on the travel guides Schmap for their website and for their mobile apps.

Fabrizio Zago – Photography and Media

Am Kaninchenberg 9,
46325 Borken (Germany)

Mobile: +49 15 22 7 58 68 13

Web: www.fabriziozago.com

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Fabrizio Zago – Photography and Media

This is my official website. Here you can find the list of my services as well as a gallery section with the photographs available as a home or office decoration.