The production diaries2019-11-15T18:29:15+01:00

The production diaries

I thought that a good way to involve those who follow the project online, to invite them to come virtually with me, it was to shoot some videos, which I have called production diaries, and to show the places of the shootings as they appear to me as I see them when I get there.

Moving images, colors and sounds catapult the viewer into the place and then you start with the search for an interpretation of the scene: what do we want to capture of this place? How do we want to convey the emotions that the place makes us feel, by transforming them in a black and white photo?

The resulting photos reflect your interpretation of the place or would you have done differently? The answer is that there is no correct answer, everyone has its own vision and, with these videos, I will share mine hoping to please you.